arab wedding

Arab Weddings

Photographing Arab weddings is a pleasure because they are so different. Arab weddings are divided into the following things:


This is a formal request of hand. The bride’s family and the groom’s family meet together in order to formally accept that the couples are going to be married.


This is when the groom and the bride put fingers on each other’s fingers. This is also done in other cultures.


This is a meeting between the male members of the groom’s family and male members of the bride’s family. Any last-minute problems are resolved. In the end, the eldest member on the side of the groom’s family congratulates everyone on a job well done.

Henna night (Ghomrah):

This is the night when henna is applied to both the groom and bride’s hands. Henna is a brownish-reddish dye used to decorate the couples’ hands.


This is another party which the wedding families enjoy. It’s done in the evening.

Actual Wedding party:

This is the part where most of our photography shall be focused on. It is the most important event to cover.

We love to capture weddings in all their beauty and loveliness. If you want to have your Arab wedding photographed, contact us. We will come to your wedding to photograph it.  Our work shall be performed with diligence and passion.

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