Indian weddings

There is some overlap between Pakistani and Indian weddings. Therefore, on this photography page, we will mostly only talk about the differences, not the similarities. Here is a step-by-step order:

First of all, the Tarik ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom’s offer of marriage is officially accepted by the bride’s family. Male members of the bride’s family give the groom gifts.

In the Barni Bandhwana, a mauli (string of rope) is tied around the groom and his parents’ wrists for prayer.

An Indian wedding lasts for at least three days. On the first night, a ceremony called Ganesh Pooja is held. It is a kind of prayer.

On the following day, mehndi takes place. In the night, a sangeet ceremony takes place. In this ceremony, both the families gather together. Dancing is done in order to entertain the couple.

On the third night, the actual wedding takes place. The groom and the bride circle around a mandap four times while the priest chants religious verses. At this point, the couple are officially married.

The reception is either combined with the actual wedding or takes place sometime later.

We love to capture weddings in all their beauty and loveliness. If you want to have your Indian wedding photographed, contact us. We will come to your wedding to photograph it.  Our work shall be performed with diligence and passion.

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