A wedding is the time that is most awaited in anyone’s life. All of us wait and try to make it the best ever event of our life. So, it is our ultimate goal to make it an event that will have an everlasting effect. Preparations for the wedding event start months before even the date of the wedding are finalized. A lot of things are planned and organized. Especially at the bride’s end, there is a bundle of things that needs to be prepared like wedding dress jewelry other accessories and groom family preparing for the same thing but they also manage wedding lawn, an invitation to guest and hire a photographer for capture all wedding events specially bride and groom photos. There are many photographers who work in a wedding event but some have huge skills and they never disappoint the wedding family. In wedding photography, portrait picture is very important because in a wedding album bride and groom look different from others. Portrait photography in New York is very expensive because in portrait photography you take photos again and again for a better photo.

While planning this day things like catering decoration and photography are also of crucial importance as these can have a massive effect on this day and a little mistake in these can lead to very disturbing celebrations.

Photography has always been an important part of any event because all of us love to see our past memories and enjoy these events again. Therefore attention is paid towards planning photography as well so one can get desired pictures that can truly bring a smile onto your face. Portrait photography in New York is very famous and people love to capture memories that will last forever.

Portrait photo:

Many photographers are well known for their fantastic work. In portrait photography, pictures are focused on a person or a group of people and are focused to capture details of them. There are certain types of portrait photography like constructive environmental and candid used with many different types of lighting such as

Three-point lighting

This lighting is used to bring out three-dimensional features of the subject Lighting used area

Key light

It builds up the main features of the objects and helps to bring out clear and prominent images.

High key

Which is used when the background color is white or yellow

Low key

This is used to bring out specific features of the object.

Fall in light

This is utilized to control the contrast of the images.

Night portrait photography:

Nowadays portrait photography is a trend and everyone manages nighttime light shoot. Neon lights from shop windows are just one area you can find them. More and more photographers use them as they are still interesting and unusual. They give off that electric and futuristic feel that fits our era and idea of technology. You can use the neon lights in any number of ways. You just need to get outside when the sun is down.