syrian wedding

Syrian Weddings

Syrian weddings are fascinating to photograph. Here is how Syrian weddings take place among Muslims:

Before the wedding, a khetbeth ceremony takes place where the bride and the groom sign a legal document of marriage. The amount of bridal money is also written in this document.

On the wedding day itself, there are many ceremonies carried out. The groom is carried to a hammam where he bathes, shaves and has his hair cut. Then, he is playfully roughed-up by his bachelor friends and pricked with needles in the hope that his luck will also help his bachelor friends in getting married.

A mawlid ceremony is also held at the groom’s house during the wedding days. This is a night of religious chanting and poetry.

On the wedding day, the groom is taken to the bride’s house by his friends. Frequently, a group of singers called the ‘arada are hired to accompany the groom. These singers sing poetry congratulating the couple. Then, the groom goes inside the bride’s house alone to meet her and give her the jewelry he has for her. Following that, the couple get inside a car to go to the wedding venue.

At the wedding venue, the party happens. Singing and dancing is done. Food and drinks is served.

The bride wears a white dressing gown and the groom usually a black tuxedo.

We love to capture weddings in all their beauty and loveliness. If you want to have your Syrian wedding photographed, contact us. We will come to your wedding to photograph it.  Our work shall be performed with diligence and passion.

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