Afghan Weddings

How are Afghan weddings different?

We love to photo-shoot Afghan weddings because they are so traditional. Here is what the events consist of:

Henna party:

This is when the bride is beautified with henna on her hands and feet. This is done before the actual wedding. The event is usually organized by the groom’s party but held at the bride’s house. Family and close friends are invited to attend the event.


In this ceremony, when the bride and groom walk up to the stage, a special song called Ahesta Boro is sung. This is a ceremony where the husband and wife exchange vows in front of a Muslim scholar. After that, food is served. After that, a decorative shawl is raised over the couple. They recite the Quran and then look at each other in a decorative mirror for the first time as a married couple.

A traditional dance called Attan may also be performed at the start and end of the wedding. It is common among Pashtuns.

We love to capture weddings in all their beauty and loveliness. If you want to have your Afghani wedding photographed, contact us. We will come to your wedding to photograph it.  Our work shall be performed with diligence and passion.

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