Engagement Menu

Engagement is the most exciting day for the bride and groom to be as this is the first step of their lives and they are just beginning their life long relationship. This event is celebrated and arranged depending on a particular family. Some families like to celebrate this event as close family gathering while others might like to celebrate it like a big event our engagement menu is crafted in considering all must-haves of an engagement event. As this event have a variety of snacks in it.

We provide many delicious and yummy snacks to satisfy your tastebuds. We offer a bite-sized scrumptious snack to traditional samosa and chat. You can easily choose from the list of option we provided desi engagement Meal in New York.

Chicken Samosa

Pani Pori


Chicken Roll

Chana chat

Potato cutlets

Vegetable Samosa

Meethi pori

Chicken cutlets

Vegetable Roll

And many other items are available we also provide catering services for customized menus.