When wedding bells most of us rush to make it the best event of life. We wish that every event of the wedding should be perfect and memorable specialy mehndi event. In mehndi event mostly girls wear yellow dress and girl puts henna on her hand, for mehndi event photography they use mobile camera or hire professinal photographer. Every bit of event is planned and celebrated well.

A typical south Asian wedding is so colorful and full of happiness that it is well known all over the world and people love to know about it. Almost all events are known but mehndi event is special because of the bundle of celebrations and party.

Mehndi Occasion:

On this occasion the families of both the bride and the groom arrive and apply henna, sweets are gifts presented to couple. Couples are dressed in contrasting yellow and green dresses. Brides usually wear jewelry made of fresh flowers like jasmine and rose. Rest of the decoration is done by yellow flowers. So mehndi event of the fragrance of natural flowers

Before meal folk dance performances are given by the groom’s friends. Drummers are called and people love to dance on the music of it.

Snacks are given as meal which has a quite distinct flavor and looks amazing too.

As this whole event is full of celebrations so capturing these moments is essential as well. Therefore most weddings plan also concentrates on having good mehndi event photography as it is colorful that is why photograph captured on this are spectacular.

Bride and groom arrives together with full protocol of family mostly a complete video are recorded couples entry.

On dance performance which is given by the groom’s friend’s family of the boy is most likely to throw cash on them as a sign of their happiness. This performance is not only recorded but also captured well mehndi event photography by professional mehndi photographers.

In New York weddings are slightly different from weddings that are celebrated in the hometown but, people love to make it a true celebration. Local people living in New York love to participate in these weddings. Numbers of photographer in New York known for their excellent work and fantastic images. In the New York weddings are celebrated in a traditional way so special attention towards photography is paid. Special session for couple photography is arranged to make the most of their day.