Mehndi Menu

This is the most celebrated and enjoyed event of all other events of any wedding ceremony. In this event, food is kept light having most liked and preferred snacks by the Pakistani community and at least one main course is also kept in the menu. As this event is full of enjoyment for both families of bride and grooms and gives a fantastic opportunity to create good family bonds, and having your favourite snacks with guests makes your day fabulous. This event creates an everlasting sense of enjoyment and fun for the families as well as for the bride and groom.

mehndi menu in new york

Our mehndi menu in new york will add real fun to your mehndi ceremony because we will provide you on spot services to serve you hot and spicy snacks.

In mehndi event, halwa poori along with chana and tarkari are kept as the main course and variety of  snacks are given in the mehndi menu snacks like 

Samosa along with chatni

Chana chaat with papdi

Pani puri special

Pani puri are the most loved snacks of the Pakistani community.