A wedding is a ceremony where two people connected with marriage. On every wedding the bride and groom want this beautiful day to capture on camera so that after seeing their wedding photographs they can enjoy and remember their sweet memories. In America there are many Pakistani American wedding photographers who manage photography in every wedding such as Indian weddings, Arab weddings and Pakistani wedding photography.

Pakistani wedding culture traditions

In Pakistani Wedding, there are lots of ceremony or festivals which include meeting between both parents, Engagement, dance ceremony, nikha, barat, lunch, and many more occasions. On Pakistanis wedding they have traditional foods such as beef biryani, mutton, fish, halwa poori and many more. In sweets they include gulab jaman, kheer, halwa, and more traditional sweet Dishes.

On Pakistani wedding they invited all their relatives which is almost around 500+ relatives which enjoy the wedding and give their blessings to the newly married couple. The preparation of wedding starts months ago before the wedding date.

The most important part is capturing memorable photographs with their relatives and make the best memories with them. On barat the bride wears a red wedding dress and the groom wears stylish sherwani and the photographer captures beautiful poses of the new married couple and makes their wedding memorable and enjoyable.

American Pakistani Wedding photography:

On the other hand the Pakistani wedding is completely different from an American wedding due to their religion and culture. When Pakistanis do a wedding in America it is a completely new experience for both couples but they manage to go throughout the wedding with their culture.
Mostly the bride wears a white wedding traditional dress and the groom wears a three-piece suit. It is not hard and fast rule it’s up to the couple.

On the wedding day, both couples feel a bit tense. But they were relaxed by their family and friends. On Pakistani American wedding there are no such relatives in America. On Pakistani American wedding hardly includes 100 relatives including friends. In this type of wedding they mostly hire Pakistan American wedding photographers.

Equipment and place for photography

The photographer takes photograph before, during, after wedding festivals photographs. Photographer has to be responsible for all the shots and processing of image. Wedding photographers has to full fill all the requirements by discussing with the customer what services he wants. On wedding day the photographer captures high quality images.

Photographers must have appropriate photography equipment. Which includes good quality camera, lenses, mounts, specialized lighting setup and professional editing software. Photo editing software is a must because customer in the end will see edit picture of wedding which is beneficial to the customer.

In American Pakistani wedding sets a beautiful location where they make some sweet moments to capture through photographs. The location is away from the home of the bride and groom the location can be anything like beach, ocean or any other beautiful place where the can make some awesome valuable memories. On the wedding the photographs are the most important thing at any wedding. Everyone wants to have a picture with a couple and make good memories.

On American Pakistani Wedding there is always some obstacles but in the end, the wedding ceremony ends perfectly. When you have kids you will enjoy your American Pakistani photography with your kids.