Pakistani Weddings

Pakistani weddings! Pakistani weddings are best for photographers who are starting out or even those who are more experienced.

Pakistani weddings consist of mayon, mehndi, nikah, baraat, and valima.

In mayon, oil and turmeric are applied to the bride’s face in order to make her more attractive. Sometimes, this is done to the groom as well.

In mehndi, henna is applied to the bride’s face. This is done to make her look stunning. This is done to the groom as well.

The nikah is a ceremony where the bride and the groom sign a formal Islamic document of marriage. Sometimes, it’s combined with the baraat.

The baraat is an event In which the groom’s party arrives at the bride’s place (who are the host). Games are played, gift-money is exchanged, photography is done and everyone eats chicken. Then the groom takes his bride home.

The valima is a reception. Gift-money is exchanged, photos are taken and then the bride goes back to her parent’s house. Some days later, the groom comes to take the bride back to his house.

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