Bride and groom at Havelock Road Gurdwara, Southall

Sikh Weddings

And finally, we arrive at Sikh weddings! They are definitely a must-attend. Here is how Sikh weddings take place in our common photography experience:

The bride’s parents visit the groom to give their consent. In the same way, the groom’s parents visit the bride to give their consent. This is called roka/thaka.

At Kurmai, the formal engagement ceremony takes place. The groom and the bride exchange rings. A steel bangle and a small knife is given to the groom, and a red scarf is tied around the groom’s shoulders.

An event called Akhannd Path also takes place. In this event, the two families separately read the entire Guru Granth Sahib in less than 48 hours’ time. The Guru Granth Sahib is the religious scripture of the Sikhs.

On the wedding day, the Sehra Bandi is done. The groom’s father ties a turban around his head and gives him a fake sword to carry during the whole wedding ceremony.  The groom’s sister then ties a Sehra around the groom’s turban. It’s a curtain made of flowers covering the groom’s face.

After the Sehra Bandi, the groom goes to the wedding venue in a wedding procession called a baraat. This procession is usually accompanied by a band and dancers.

And finally, the Anand Karaj takes place. This is the actual wedding ceremony we had all been waiting for. The ceremony takes place at a Gurdwara – which is a place of worship for Sikhs. The marriage is performed by a Sikh. He explains to the couple the significance of marriage, the rights and responsibilities of marriage, and how to live a pious life. At the end of this ceremony, the couple takes the vows of marriage.

Delicious vegetarian lunch is served after the Anand Karaj.

We love to capture weddings in all their beauty and loveliness. If you want to have your Sikh wedding photographed, contact us. We will come to your wedding to photograph it.  Our work shall be performed with diligence and passion.

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